'The Moon' freebie!

Hello guys, hello June👀

Today, I just posted my 100th post on Instagram👏
(I know, I should be posting a little more on my blog as well...👻)

I started my Instagram around Jan 2017,
which is just after I started this blog.
I wanted to share my little hobby with people
from all over the world.

One artwork at the time,
I try my best,
sometimes make mistakes,
and learn from it.

Now, it has grown to 100 posts,
and about 600 people are following my account!

I just want to say
for your support, comments and likes for every post I post❤
You guys are my inspiration!

With my thank you,
let me share 'The Moon' printable today🌙

As you can see on my Instagram,
I was totally into the moon art recently.
Just so fun to paint these moons in different colours and shapes!

I combined all the 3, and added Rumi's quote
'The moon stays bright when it doesn't avoid the night'.

The printable is in A4 size pdf for you to print,
please read my Terms of use carefully before downloading it from below.

Enjoy your weekend☺

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