Botanical Valentine's day card printable

As I mentioned in my previous post,
I finally completed this year's Valentine's day card for my hubby!❤

It has been so hectic lately at our home,
so took quite a while, but its done!

Even though I really like the way this pattern looks on white background,
in the spirit of Valentine's day, I made the background color pink,
but kept it as simple as possible.

However, I love a pun, and couldn't keep it away even from the Valentine's day cardπŸ˜‚
As a botanical theme, I made a little message with berries. 

Even these romantic occasions, you still need some fun, don't you think?

An actual card is in A4 folding size, and double sided with berries pun inside.
Please read Terms of use before downloading them.

Enjoy ❤

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