Moroccan Blue

Recently I am changing all the decor into the theme I always wanted,
'Modern Moroccan Blue'

Basically, anything modern, contemporary, Moroccan and blue 😍
I always love 'exotic' features on anything,
but decided to mix in a little modern look.

Changing one part of the wall in the lounge to Blue,
getting a few Moroccan decor items from not only Morocco, everywhere I can find!

There are quite a few empty spaces on the wall in our house,
so I started to search for wall art.
I saw a few pretty ideas, but haven't found the one that I love,
so I decided to do it myself!

Created a digital stencil and masked it with my watercolor background,
that's it😊

I love how they turned out with my watercolor😊
Will update how they look once they are on the wall.

Enjoy your weekend guys!🍸

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