Night sky

I was playing around with a few dark blue watercolors,
and got quite a nice mixture for a night sky look.🌛

So I created a simple image.
'Look up, there's always a light'
with a big shiny full moon.

For those who are night thinkers out there,
(including me, I am a day dreamer too 💤)
if you feel worried, negative, dark or whatever👻
look up, and there's always a light even in the dark.

I quite often have those moments when it feels like
my head is going to explode with concerns at night👽
But when the sun is up,
I always wonder why I was even wasting my time with such silly things.
Well, I wish I could hold on to that feeling next time!

The image is in PNG format,
you can just save it as it is☺

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