Moroccan Blue

Recently I am changing all the decor into the theme I always wanted,
'Modern Moroccan Blue'

Basically, anything modern, contemporary, Moroccan and blue 😍
I always love 'exotic' features on anything,
but decided to mix in a little modern look.

Changing one part of the wall in the lounge to Blue,
getting a few Moroccan decor items from not only Morocco, everywhere I can find!

There are quite a few empty spaces on the wall in our house,
so I started to search for wall art.
I saw a few pretty ideas, but haven't found the one that I love,
so I decided to do it myself!

Created a digital stencil and masked it with my watercolor background,
that's it😊

I love how they turned out with my watercolor😊
Will update how they look once they are on the wall.

Enjoy your weekend guys!🍸


Botanical Valentine's day card project

Hi all 😊

I cannot believe that January 2017 is almost over!
Seriously, where does time go?

That means Valentine's day is almost here guys!

I am not a 'hearts and flowers' kind of person,
I am more interested in pot plants or greeny leaves 😉
So I started working on a 'Botanical Valentine's day card' project🌿

I created a green botanical pattern,

And now my pattern is digitized 💻
Now, the fun part of making a card starts!

Don't worry, there will be a splash of pink in the spirit of valentine's day😉

My printable will be out soon.
Watch this space🌿


Honeycomb printable

I love honey,
as much as Pooh Bear loves honey 🍯
(if not more)

There are stacks of bottled honey in our house!
I even use a 'Manuka honey' facial mask
which smells divine and feels great on my face 😍

With my love for honey,
today, I am sharing my watercolor honeycomb printable!

I made a stencil of honeycomb, and painted a honeycomb pattern,

Then added the quote by Victor Hugo

'Life is the flower for which love is the honey'

Isn't that sweet? ❤

You can download from here

Before downloading, please read Terms of use.

There are many benefits of honey apparently,
but that is a story for another time...🍯

Enjoy the rest of the week guys!
(Almost weekend woop woooop)


Morning Essentials

Its Monday! Again 👻

I love adventure, I love change, I love sparkle in my life,
but my morning starts pretty much the same everyday👽

As I am not at all a morning person,
(I'm usually fully awake from evening)
there are a few things very essential
to help me function throughout the day!

So I created art of my morning essentials.

My schedule book is a little life saver everyday of my life,
without it, I can't remember half of my tons of to-dos for the day!
(Well...quite often from the day before or before that😂)

What are your morning essentials? ☀

Enjoy the new week everyone!


Geometric pantry labels

Hi all!
It's Friday, finally the weekend is here!

Recently I am changing/ adding/ organizing the entire house decor,
and when I went through the pantry,
thought of making some labels for the jars and bottles to make it more easy to organize.

I always love something simple,
so I created very simple geometric labels in 2 colors,
one in pink, the other in yellow👀

With the names, I added 'all the goodness' underneath.

I also created blank labels for you to write whatever you want☺

Each file contains 6 big labels and 3 small labels.

You can download labels with the names below

You can download blank labels below

Before using them, please read my Terms of use.

Enjoy your weekend everyone😊


You are so delicious!

For those who can't wait for summer to come,
Today, here's a tropical freebie for you! 🌴

I painted a simple Delicious Monster,

and added the words
'You are so delicious.' 😁

You can download from below👀

I made a png file for digital image,
and a pdf file is set as A5 for printing.

PLEASE READ TERM OF USE before downloading.

So you can see, here's the original in png!

Enjoy the weekend!


Ice lolly in winter

Long long time ago,
There was an Italian Gelato shop on the street where my apartment was.🍦

I just looooooved it so much to the point
I used to eat their Gelato even in winter.

Since then, even after all these years,
I still find it is so nice to eat
ice cream, ice lolly or gelato in winter⛄
(I guess something akin to
sleeping under a cozy blanket with AC on!) 

I know most of the northern hemisphere countries in the world are
still in winter right now,
so I created an ice lolly freebie!

I created a png file for PC, phone etc, and a pdf file for printing.

For png file, you can download from below.

'You make me melt' png

For pdf file, you can download from below.

'You make me melt' pdf

PLEASE READ TERM OF USE before downloading.

So you can see, here's the original image in png!



Thought of the day

Leonardo da Vinci's quote
'Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication'

Totally agree!


Night sky

I was playing around with a few dark blue watercolors,
and got quite a nice mixture for a night sky look.🌛

So I created a simple image.
'Look up, there's always a light'
with a big shiny full moon.

For those who are night thinkers out there,
(including me, I am a day dreamer too 💤)
if you feel worried, negative, dark or whatever👻
look up, and there's always a light even in the dark.

I quite often have those moments when it feels like
my head is going to explode with concerns at night👽
But when the sun is up,
I always wonder why I was even wasting my time with such silly things.
Well, I wish I could hold on to that feeling next time!

The image is in PNG format,
you can just save it as it is☺


Hello 2017!


I am super excited to see what kind of adventure is waiting for me this year ☺

Hope 2017 is going to be an amazing one for you!

New blog post is coming soon, watch this space 👀

Let's enjoy this brand new year!

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