Trick or ...

Hi guys 👀

It's this time of the year again,
and thinking to start work on my 2018 calendar very soon!

Anyhow, currently I'm loving my instagram feed full of posts of autumn vibes❤
So I doodled and created a little something for this coming Halloween 👻👻

Actually, I originally created a 'punny' digital pic for my instagram with this little pumpkin,
and must say I really liked it!
(I guess I liked it so much to the the point I made tiles of pumpkins...😂)

So I decided to make myself a lock screen pic for Halloween.

And as you know already,
I love cheeky quotes in my work.


I hope the rest of October and Halloween is a fun and cheeky one for you!

Please read my Terms of use
and you can download from below



'The Moon' freebie!

Hello guys, hello June👀

Today, I just posted my 100th post on Instagram👏
(I know, I should be posting a little more on my blog as well...👻)

I started my Instagram around Jan 2017,
which is just after I started this blog.
I wanted to share my little hobby with people
from all over the world.

One artwork at the time,
I try my best,
sometimes make mistakes,
and learn from it.

Now, it has grown to 100 posts,
and about 600 people are following my account!

I just want to say
for your support, comments and likes for every post I post❤
You guys are my inspiration!

With my thank you,
let me share 'The Moon' printable today🌙

As you can see on my Instagram,
I was totally into the moon art recently.
Just so fun to paint these moons in different colours and shapes!

I combined all the 3, and added Rumi's quote
'The moon stays bright when it doesn't avoid the night'.

The printable is in A4 size pdf for you to print,
please read my Terms of use carefully before downloading it from below.

Enjoy your weekend☺


Don't be a...

Hi all!

I don't know what happened,
but It's already the 5th month of 2017!
can you believe that?
Seriously, I feel like I just celebrated the beginning of 2017 yesterday👻
It has been a super eventful year already!

Well, are you guys ready for May?

I made a motivation printable/wall paper for you😉
How's this for a fun....

I am so obsessed with succulents/ cacti 🌵
I think they are the cutest little plants!

I made a printable ver. as well as phone wall paper,
you can download from below.

Iphone Wall paper:
Please read my Terms of use.

For more 'prickly' freebies, 
you can check out my post something prickly🌵



Time for a new adventure

Hi all ☺
Hope you guys had a great weekend?

As I posted in my travel obsession post before,
one of my favorite things in life is traveling.🌏

And one of my favorite times of the day is
when my husband and I talk about our next adventure✈
Be it, my hubby's love-of-his-life(besides me😆)-Camping,
traveling, or even our bucket list.

Lately we are discussing our next destination overseas next year,
and I know it is still a while until then,
but just love talking about it💕

I am a very active traveler and love walking around, doing stuff,
so not a beach holiday kinda person.
(I can't just sit still, read and chill😂)
We have a few countries in mind,
so let's see where we decide!

What kind of adventure and place is your favorite?✈

P.S. This 'Time for a new adventure' pen art in the pic above is for you❤
Just click on the pic below,
and freebie will show up for downloading!
(Please read my Terms of use.)

Enjoy ☺


Free Bonjour art

Hi all 👀

I am busy doing my artwork everyday (well, trying to)
and posting on my instagram,
but not keeping up with my blog 👻👻
It's so frustrating,
sometimes, I really wish a day was longer than 24hrs!

Anyway, today I am posting my 'Bonjour' pen art😊

My trip to Paris was my inspiration for this art.
Like so many people out there who have been to Paris and fell in love with that city, I am one of you.❤

Almost 90% of my artwork is with watercolor,
but this one is simply drawn with a pen✐

Please read Terms of use before downloading.



Hello March!

Hi all☺

Its already March, the 3rd month of 2017.
Seriously, where did time go?!

February was so busy and just flew past in front of me.
I have so many art works I want to post here👻👻

Watch this space guys, and enjoy March❤


Galaxy art with 'mini tutorial'

Hi all☺

Another week has passed by and it's weekend!

As you know, I am all about something blue at the moment,
so this week, I painted a little Galaxy with my new blue watercolor🎨

First I draw a fine outline of a circle with a pencil,
and made the circle wet with water.
Then, started painting with a light shade of blue using a wide brush.
After that, I built up the color and effect of the galaxy
using different shades of blue, purple, pink, and black.

While the paint was still wet, I sprinkled a little bit of coarse salt to create lovely texture.
However, the salt I used was too chunky,
so didn't quite do the job I wanted,
but hey, as long as the end result is good, yes?😂

Once the paint was totally dry, I bushed the salt off,
then I splattered a white acrylic paint all over the Galaxy
(and my coffee table underneath)
to create stars and dust effect.
What do you think?

Then of course, I digitize it to make a printable,

I added a simple dictionary definition of 'galaxy' under my painting.

Please note:
actually, I wanted to make a tutorial for this artwork,
but then I realized I didn't take nearly enough photos during the process,
so let me call it 'mini tutorial' 😂

You can download it here:

Enjoy the weekend🍷


Something prickly

Hi all!

I have been working on some succulent themes lately,
and must say, am loving it🌵 

It's so fun to draw and paint succulents,

and have been posting some succulent puns on my Instagram😂

I am pretty sure a lot of people are tired of my succulent puns,
instead, I made a 'Prickly iphone wall paper' 🌵🌵

I made 2 colors, you can simply download whichever you like from below

Please read Terms of use before downloading them.



Thank you!!!

Today, I would love to say THANK YOU SO MUCH
for you guys reading my blog, 
following me on Instagram
and pinners on Pinterest.

 Over 200 people graciously follow me on Instagram,
which motivates and inspires me everyday! 

And there are over 380 pinners who pinned my 2017 calendar on Pinterest
and more everyday!

I started this blog just a few months ago
and at the same time opened my social media accounts.
 My artwork is not professional,
just my little hobby I really love.

It motivates me to know that
there are people reading, following and liking my blog and artwork!

Thank you so much again,
and have a lovely weekend!

P.S. As you can see the 'thank you image' on top of this post,
there is a 'something prickly' freebie on it's way 😁🌵


Botanical Valentine's day card printable

As I mentioned in my previous post,
I finally completed this year's Valentine's day card for my hubby!❤

It has been so hectic lately at our home,
so took quite a while, but its done!

Even though I really like the way this pattern looks on white background,
in the spirit of Valentine's day, I made the background color pink,
but kept it as simple as possible.

However, I love a pun, and couldn't keep it away even from the Valentine's day card😂
As a botanical theme, I made a little message with berries. 

Even these romantic occasions, you still need some fun, don't you think?

An actual card is in A4 folding size, and double sided with berries pun inside.
Please read Terms of use before downloading them.

Enjoy ❤

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