Travel obsession

Recently, I finally started using Pinterest (I know, I know its VERY late, right?),
and seeing all the images out there, Man- its so addictive!

I created only a few board for now,
and there is one thing I keep checking everyday.

So today, I want to write about one of my obsessions in my life,

I love traveling, probably that is one of my most favorite things in life.
(Oh, and wine🍷)

I love Europe, The Middle East and Africa most,
although there are only a handful of places I have been to,
I found there is definitely something different about them that make me want to go back.

When I first went overseas as a kid, that was mind blowing.
Since then all I wanted to do in my life was "Go outside,see the world".

I am not even nearly satisfied with the amount of traveling I have done,
but I have been so fortunate to have some opportunity to see and live in different countries.

Recently I passed through Dubai airport on my trip, and watching all those people from everywhere at the Terminal gave me such a "travel itch" that I haven't had for a while!

I think I should stop thinking, just do it more often✈

 I will write more about travels soon ☺

Where to next? ✈

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