My first Post and Free Printable!

Hi, thanks again for visiting my blog!

Please sit back and enjoy like you are chilling in your friend's house. ☺

As this is my first post in this blog,
I made a free birthday card printable.

Your friends, family, boyfriend/girlfriend or loving pet... etc. give it to whoever you want!
But don't forget to give a present. (A card is important, but a present is VERY important you know 😁)

In the front of the card, I painted simple colorful dots with 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!"

When I buy a card from a shop,
I always get disappointed to find out that inside of the card is totally empty even though the front cover is so pretty!
I hate that😠

So I also made a little message inside as well for those people like me.

"May your day be as sweet as you are" with a delicious sweet cupcake.

You can download from here!

Happy Birthday to you!


Print it, cut it along the dotted line, fold and done!
I also cut the corners with my corner cutter.

I used a pearl textured white 300gsm board to print on.


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